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Beer In the Board Show
June 27, 2009 11:53 AM PDT

On this June 12th, 2009 episode of The Heide Show:

Heide welcomes the new Karpf baby to the world; 24 Season 8 news! Heide's combination skin; millionth word commonly used in the English language; Flip UltraHD videocamera issues; Emo Poetry Corner; Cool new thing, Poken; Ryan Report, Heide screams about Catholics; no one ever gets kicked out of the chatroom; No Pants Show; Lady who missed Air France flight dies following week; Heide can't J.O.; Food Party on IFC; Beer in the board; Corey's debut show drama; your voicemails; Cockney's muppet show intro; Heide objects to the term "holocaust deniers" being used so heavily in mainstream media.

She screams, she spills beer in the board, she alienates Catholics and Jews.
One of the best shows ever.

This Show Has Dumping Syndrome
June 22, 2009 07:43 PM PDT

June 6th Heide Show. Heide gets on early in anticipation of the H.B.I.

Topics: David Carradine murdered; Tyson's daughter dies; Heide's episode explained as "dumping syndrome"; email from Heather the Lesbian; French Legion of Honor ceremony; Rum in a bucket; Dangermouse; Tsimfuckis, Tsimfuckis, Tsimfuckis; Eminem's new album; voicemails; Mr. Deej's Recap call; White Castle Pulled Pork Sandwich ad; Guy gives Furries a bad name; Der Weinerschnitzel; "This Is Serious."

Nice lil' show.

Merns Vernus
June 14, 2009 09:14 AM PDT

Hopefully this is the last of the overmodulated effed up recordings I will post.
Just a total abortion of a radio show.
I won't even bother with a summary.
Drunk. 'Nuff said.

Cockney Will Never Be Blocked
June 03, 2009 04:40 PM PDT

May 23rd Memorial Show!
Heide blows up a chatroom like nobody's business for like the last half hour of the show. It's pretty freakin funny.
Unfortunately, the audio on this show is completely effed for some reason. Sorry for that.

Featured topics include: Heide's new blonde hair; Gay Town, USA; World Turtle Day and all things turtle related; Mr. Deej's 24 Finale Recap; Emo Tony B's Future Weapons Recap; Memorial Day dedication to Heide's uncle; Heide's cous cous episode; Chinese guy gets pushed off ledge; Albuquerque mom kills son twice; six year old drives dad's truck; Alaska cracks down on bear feeding.

Over-modulated nonsense for your ears!

Not-So-Awesome Auger
May 27, 2009 04:10 PM PDT

May 16th Heide Show features topics:

Billy Mays is a big liar; Kiefer Sutherland - badboy grandpa; Mr. Deej's 24 Recap; Emo Tony's Black Snake Moan Recap and Emo Tony's Sober Spectrum; Maggie, Heide's bulimic cat; Heide freaks out over effed up 911 operator; marijuana vending machine; Heide spends time in the mental hospital; Emo Poetry Corner; Corey calls in.

Hang in there for the big surprise ending.

Heide Has No Schtick
May 13, 2009 07:57 PM PDT

May 2nd 2009, Solo girl on mic action.

This episode of the Heide Show brings you:
Emo Poetry Corner; Corey's pee story; Mr. Deej's 24 Recap; Kelly McGillis...GAY; Lesbians don't trust Heide; Windsor Castle Lawn Sex; Hate Crimes Exception List; Denise Richards butchers Take Me Out To the Ballgame; Julia Roberts Droppin F-Bombs; Throws of Passion on youtube (; Mike'd Up; Air Force 1 Photo Shoot; bulletproof bra; What does AR stand for?

April 25th After Show
April 28, 2009 07:27 PM PDT

That's right, kiddies! Bonus for YOU.

Good ol' drunken aftershow nonsense. Brought to you as a special gift. You can keep it in your pocket.

Story Time with Heide!
April 28, 2009 05:43 PM PDT

Heide returns from Ohio with stories!
Corey in studio.

Featured on this episode:
Corey's new whistle; we need a new intro; Bea Arthur dies; communication breakdown; the return of angry Heide; Heide's boobs hurt rul rul bad; Heide's 'roid rage; infant attends Wilco concert; voicemails; Mr. Deej's 24 Recap; Corey's hurt feelings; chatroom race war; Emo Tony B is prejudiced against everyone; The Duder Show.

Call 631-576-4774 with your suggestions for our new intro.

The Heider and Duder Show
April 15, 2009 09:34 PM PDT

Corey back in studio as eye-candy for this installment of The Heide Show.

Topics include: Iron Mule Comedy Film Festival recap (; Heide lies about plans to "show"; Obama Fried Chicken; Mr. Deej's 24 Recap; voicemail; woman marries Eiffel Tower.

After that, the show basically degenerates into white russian drunkenness, without a proper ending.

Podcast to cut to.

This Is An Amateur Show
March 30, 2009 05:07 PM PDT

Just in case there was any question of my professionalism. Don't be confused. I am an amateur. Episode..12, is it? mm.

Solo Heide show cause she kicked Corey out of the studio for shitting on the couch.

Heide babbles about: Earth Hour; safe cig; Obama thinks internet users are predominantly stoners; retarded fight club; Heide's dream; NBC Titty article; Mr. Deej's 24 Recap; Ashley Judd in-her-day; Emo Poetry Corner; Heide's childhood Little House on the Prairie daydream; Highway to Heaven, Quantum Leap, and Journeyman; death bed confession; Heather, the girl with arms; how gay is Heide?; GPS leads man to cliff edge; 911 call from bitten man; Shamwow guy likes straight sex.

This show may cause anal leakage.

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